Conhoist has received a warm welcome: “It helps us with almost every lift”

Users are enthusiastic about our Conhoist traverse crane system, which is currently in its first full-scale application.

Our Conhoist traverse crane is the most advanced system we have developed yet. Therefore, the development path has been long, but when the reception is as warm as it is with Conhoist, it’s worth the effort.

“It lifts from the loading tower and runs across the full width of the scaffolding, so we can drop plaster on the inside, drop wood products on the outside and raise rafters with the crane. When we receive bricks, we can use it to drive the bricks into the building. So it helps us with pretty much every lift.”

These are the words of Nicholas Dalby Carlsen, Construction Manager at Byens Tag & Facade A/S, in a video made by Byggeriets Arbejdsmijløbus. They have visited the first construction site where Conhoist has been installed at full scale, which we previously told about here.

While the first big project is still far from complete, the feedback from the first 3 months has been extremely positive:

“We pick up the materials ourselves with the crane on the loading tower. So we save an enormous number of cranes, opening up the canopy and optimising workflows with the fact that one person can raise the rafters (with the help from the crane).”

And Martin Hauge Hansen, foreman for the carpenters, also has a great experience using Conhoist.

“Of course, it saves us a lot of lifting, so we don’t have to spend time moving things around. One of the advantages is that you can go and install very large things on your own. It’s not exactly normal that you can assemble the rafters and put them up one man in the size we have here, with a span of just under 10 metres,” he says in the video.

The first three systems ever produced are already rented. Combined with the highly positive reception, we see a bright future for Conhoist. Find out more at, which has just undergone a major update.

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