Reflection Time: An alternative workday

From diving with eelgrass seeds to workshopping with professionals or building prototypes in our workshop: Our highly varied work life is beneficial in multiple ways.

Our love of inventing is what started Lolle & Nielsen Inventions. But when we started over a decade ago, we didn’t realise how varied the workdays of today’s company would be:

One day we start with a workshop for a new product on a construction site. The next day, we play a song at the morning meeting before heading downstairs to our workshop to build a prototype. And just the other day we went diving to sow seeds to grow eelgrass at the bottom of the sea.

Incubation and pure joy

We see the different projects and tasks as a great professional benefit for the company. It gives ideas and solutions for the various concepts time to incubate and cross-pollinate, as we often have different projects at different stages.

Parallel development is efficient, but it also increases creativity and innovation because projects have time to incubate.
And on a personal level, we are also humbly grateful for the work we have – and that you can actually make a living from it.

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