Every project begins with a vision of improving a work practice and questioning the well-known. As a starting point, we always generate numerous concepts before including stakeholders and end users to ensure that old habits do not inhibit the ideation.

This approach provides a high level of invention and the possibility of filing for a patent.

Lolle & Nielsen Inventions handles everything from the design and product development process to the product matured for production. 


Value chain analysis
Process analysis
Mapping activities
Flow analysis
Actor-network analysis
Cost-benefit analysis
Business model, strategy and
Business creation


Agile development – Scrum Project management & product strategy
Integrated product development
Concept development
Problem understanding and user needs analysis
Idea and concept sketching
Creative and systematic methods
Functional models for testing and verification
Structuring and facilitation of workshops
Product architecture and product platform
Mechanism design, dynamic and static analysis
Strength calculations include FEA
Construction and CAD modeling


Work planning and economy
Technology understanding
Working environment
Construction site research
Actor knowledge, culture model
Network, contractor, end user
Sequence analysis
Flow analysis
3D workflow simulation

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