We are finalists in the Realdania competition “Space for Communities”

The Realdania Anniversary competition “Space for Communities” (Rum for Fællesskab) is a special competition with a particularly exciting format – and we are proud to announce that we have been selected for the final round of the competition.

The Realdania Foundation has launched a competition where the mission is to develop furniture and pavilions that different communities around Denmark can apply to establish – with full support from Realdania.

The catalogue of community solutions will be ready next year, but before that, the solutions need to be shaped and created. In the first part of the competition, designers and architects could submit a motivated application explaining why their team could offer original solutions.

We have made a bid on developing community elements in urban spaces, as we have previously created urban furniture for the Municipality of Copenhagen and the cycle path for Egedahl Municipality. And here we have been selected as 1 of the 12 finalists.

A collaborative competition

At this stage, Realdania has chosen six teams for two different categories in the competition. In the next phase, we will make the actual design for the competition before the final winners – three out of the six in each category – will be chosen in late November.

If we win – and we really hope we will – the competition will be really special in its final phase: The three teams will work together over the spring, where we will mature all of the solutions. This is a very alternative process compared to how competitions are normally structured, and it will allow us to collaborate with highly skilled teams to make all of our projects really great.

With a 50/50 chance to end up as a winner, the odds of succeeding in this exciting project have never been better – which we’re really excited about!

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