Conhoist is doing its first job at full scale

Over the next year, our traverse crane system plays a central role in renovating the roof on multiple 4-storey blocks in Vanløse.

A 4-storey building is currently being renovated in Vanløse. The entire roof is peeled off, leaving only a flat top on the multi-storey block before new rafters is being installed.

It is not only a huge renovation project. When the first new rafters are starting to come up, it also marks the beginning of the first full-scale job for Conhoist.

Our crane system is overseeing this massive project from the scaffolding covering the building site, where it will be hauling material in and out during the renovation.

Measuring value

Conhoist is a temporary, hired gun for its first big project. The two main contractors on the project – Barberens Stilladser and Byens Tag & Facade – have jointly financed the rental of Conhoist.

Needless to say, this is a very exciting time for us. The sheer size of the project alone is massive: 3 more blocks are due for a similar renovation over the next year. This makes it the perfect case for us to asses, measure and prove the value of Conhoist to both scaffolding suppliers and contractors.

Hopefully, this will pave the way for many more similar projects once the value is measurable – while the rental models remove a big portion of the risk in introducing a new system like this.

Hello world

This vast project is the preliminary culmination of the long development of our massive crane system.

As proud inventors, it is always a bit nerve-racking to let a new product into the world on this scale. However, we fully believe this case will ensure the multiple contractors and foundations believing in and soft-funding Conhoist that their faith in the system was deserved.

On that note: A big thank you to MUDP, Realdania, Innovationsfonden and Eurostars who are among the amazing partners making Conhoist a reality.

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