The complexity of developing modern solutions

Developing a multifunctional robot as a single, coherent product is no easy task.

Mechanical engineering has a lot of moving parts. Housing is a discipline by itself. Sensor technology is tricky. And getting all the parts to work together in a single invention is even trickier.

The complexity of large, modern inventions is massive. Conhoist has been our most ambitious and complex system to date, but an upcoming project is of the same calibre:

The keyword is multi-functionality. This it what makes the product magical in the end – but also what makes the path to success so complex.

We need to have all functions in place and playing together. If we change one feature, it affects the others. This means creating the right product architecture from the beginning is crucial. An architecture that includes flexibility for change so that when we discover that a feature needs to be changed or can’t be realised – the whole house of cards doesn’t fall.

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