Right now, we are testing new seeding methods – on the seabed

Our new project in collaboration with Blue Research aims to make it possible to re-establish eelgrass on a huge scale.

Eelgrass binds nutrients, has a positive climate effect and is a habitat for a wide range of organisms in the maritime environment. But can you inject eelgrass seeds into the seabed and make them germinate? Can you make a seeding machine that can re-establish eelgrass beds on a large scale?

This is what we are working on in collaboration with Blue Research in a feasibility study supported by the Danish Environmental Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (MUDP)

We have recently tested four different seeding methods where the eelgrass has been planted on the seabed. In a few weeks we will see the results, but we already have great confidence in the project.

Per Dolmer on Linkedin:
I am very happy that Blue Research, together with Lolle&Nielsen, is a partner in this project funded by MUDP. I am confident that by combining technical/mechanical and biological knowledge, we can create a solution that makes it possible to restore eelgrass beds on a large scale. In the project, we contribute to both the development of a solution to the climate and biodiversity crisis and the sequestration of nutrients in the marine environment. Watch the video we made last year about harvesting eelgrass seeds: https://lnkd.in/ewj_jGYN

First step towards large-scale

So far, we have developed a simple prototype for cleaning seeds from eelgrass that can be replanted. And right now, we are conducting trials to sow the seeds on the seabed so that eelgrass can be re-established.

If the seeds start to germinate according to plan, we can really start the concept development: Then we know which sowing method to use, and then we can start working on concepts for large-scale machines.

An exciting and highly motivating project that can really make a positive difference!

Big project in a new environment

We are still in the experimental pre-stage of the project, which represents a new path, a new industry and a new environment for Lolle & Nielsen Inventions.

Nevertheless, the goal is still a work tool that can handle work in a tough environment. Two factors we have a lot of experience with.

And hopefully, the front-end project will be so successful that we can kick-start the big development project in 2024.

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