Gun and run: How we got super-efficient feedback without a lot of planning

User feedback is a cornerstone of our product development. We recently learnt that feedback can be hacked quickly and efficiently.

Coordinating and planning user feedback sessions for our inventions usually involves a lot of work. The craftsmen and contractors we work with are always very willing to help, but finding gaps in their busy schedules to actually get it done is often difficult and cumbersome.

Recently, we were in a situation where we needed quick feedback from craftsmen on an upcoming product. We couldn’t wait for all the coordination work, so how do you get answers quickly?

Our solution was to pull up in front of a DIY store, pull the product out of the back of the car – and stop the workers on their way in and out of the store.

…And the craftsmen are really helpful when we make it easy for them: With two people in front of the shop, we got feedback from 35-40 people in an hour and a half.

Even though it wasn’t exactly by the book, it was an excellent inspiration to sometimes just do something – instead of asking too much permission. In the worst-case scenario, they could ask us to leave.

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