Why did we develop the CBS Bench – and what is the impact?

The unique flip-bench we developed for Copenhagen Business School has made its mark despite its relatively limited user base.

The CBS Bench is a unique piece of furniture developed for Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Its distinctive features and unique look make it a signature fixture at several of the school’s locations.


The bench is extremely narrow in its “why”: The solution must provide both seating and a table, take up minimal depth, and be able to handle heavy use.


One of the difficult things during development was determining whether we could teach users that you had a chair and table in one solution with a single flip. However, we accepted the challenge and recognised that it would probably take some time to get users used to it.

Today, everyone on campus knows how to use the bench, and CBS is delighted with its success. Its robustness has also proven its longevity, so it will probably last for many years to come.

But does it move anything, and does it make a huge difference? Maybe not, but it solves an essential problem in that location. It has become a sort of signature for the place, and students will undoubtedly remember group work or casual chats on the unique furniture on campus.

Our products don’t always have to do something super radical for the working environment or climate. They can also be minor hacks that make everyday life better for a limited group—that justifies an original solution.

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