A modular dollhouse for Realdania

Our concept for the Realdania competition is taking shape: A modular system that supports hosting communities.

We are currently in the final round of the Realdania competition “Space for Communities”, which we told you about a few weeks ago. (You can read more about the competition here: https://lolle-nielsen.com/post/we-are-finalists-in-the-realdania-competition-space-for-communities/)

Therefore, we have spent the past three weeks on intense idea development within the vision we have created around our concept.

Our basic premise is that it should be easy for project managers to use our solution to create and maintain a physical framework for communities. Therefore, we have created a modular element series that establishes the framework for the community wherever the solution is installed.

Supports hosting

During development, we played with the system in two given scenarios: A village with activity around its sports centre and out in the woods, where the solution supports nature lovers.

The modules are divided into staying, storage and production solutions (such as a kitchen) but are by no means limited to the two scenarios we’ve created.

On the contrary, the whole idea of the modular mindset is that the series of elements gives ownership to those who set it up. The solution supports hosting and should make it easier to be a great host.

A big and challenging vision

Although the work for the competition has been intense, it is also liberating to work with a project that is both larger and broader in scale than we have been used to with our urban solutions, which are often more product-focused.

In our specific proposal, we have worked on smartly designing the elements so that they are easy to build, have options for scaling up and down, and can be easily disassembled and reused. At the same time, we have worked on how each module fits into the collective solution, and in this way, we have also been involved in the architectural domain of this project.

The work has been challenging but, first and foremost, fun, and it’s a pleasure making so many elements come together. Now, we’re just looking forward to finding out if we’ll be allowed to launch the solution on a large scale.

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