Conhoist gets an advisory board

The potential of the Conhoist system is huge. By inviting strong profiles into the development from product to company, we hope to realise this potential.

Conhoist is on its way to the market. This means a production and sales organisation must now be established for the rental solution.

For this task, we need to gather good advisors, and since we won’t be ready for an actual board of directors for another year or so, we will start with an advisory board with clear goals for what we want to achieve with Conhoist.

Specifically, we would like to find a business profile with experience in business development. A construction industry profile who understands the industry’s systems and value chains. And, not least, a sales profile with hands-on experience from the industry who knows the mindset of contractors and construction managers so we can clearly understand how to create the most value for them.

Right now, we are in dialogue with many different profiles and have more or less found the team for the new advisory board.

Why an advisory board?

Conhoist started as a product but will operate as an independent company in the future. It’s not the first time we’ve done this, but we’ve also made many mistakes in the past when going through that transition. Mistakes that we don’t intend to repeat with Conhoist.

We approach the task with great humility, and that’s really the biggest reason why we’re now engaging an advisory board. Even though we have 13 years of experience in running and developing an inventor business, there are still areas around value chain and sales that we are not experts in.

We need advisors who will speak up if we get tunnel vision on the wrong tasks. And that is precisely the role of the advisory board.

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