Why did we develop Jeebee – and what is the impact?

Jeebee is a relatively simple tool, but the usage scenarios are numerous, making the potential impact on the working environment huge.

Jeebee is an all-terrain, self-propelled, multi-purpose, customisable trolley that covers every transport need on the construction site. For example, the trolley makes it easy to transport large panels, glass, windows, doors, painter’s tools, etc.


The working practices of craftsmen are extremely varied. This makes it difficult to develop multi-functional gear because the tasks are not the same over and over again as in a factory.

When you look across multiple industries, as is typically the case on a construction site, the complexity of tasks explodes.

Jeebee was developed with a vision to create a product that can help most of the many professionals on a construction site move heavy loads – all with a single tool with a range of add-ons.


When Jeebee gets widely adopted on the building site, a variety of trades will be able to avoid heavy lifting. That’s good for sick days, labour market retention and, quite simply, gives a more enjoyable and less grueling workday.

We can’t yet say how much impact the invention will eventually have. But the tool is simple and can be used across various tasks, making its potential impact far greater than if it could only haul bricks.

We hope that Jeebee, like many other tools, will become a permanent fixture on every construction site. If that’s the case, it will undoubtedly impact the working environment and practices in many different ways. 

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