From need to product in under 4 minutes

With a new video series, we try to effectively explain what makes our invention method unique. Find the series and learn more right here.

We have just launched 5 videos in a series that describe all our stages in the development process: From need to finished product.

The idea for the series came from a meeting with a communications professional we know. At the meeting, we explained the development process using a concrete example. It resonated so well with her that she asked: “Why don’t you show that example on the website? It explains the core of what you do!”

She was absolutely right, and it was a classic “why haven’t we done that already?”-moment.

Whether we’re making a simple one-component product or a large, sophisticated system, our process is the same. We’ve tried to boil that process down into one video where you can learn more about the journey from need to industrialised product in less than four minutes.

You can find the video right here.

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