Wanna’ meet for a cup of coffee?

Digital networks are everywhere, but we still appreciate meeting new acquaintances face-to-face in the real world for a cup of coffee.

A mindboggling amount of digital networking opportunities is always readily available at our fingertips in this hyper-connected world. However, the abundance also tends to make new connections fizzle rather quickly.

New Linkedin introductions are undoubtedly made with the best of intentions. The initial back-and-forth brings energy and ambition to co-create something. But if this initial energy isn’t immediately converted into a specific project, the connection is easily lost.

For that reason, we still really value an old-fashioned coffee meeting, as it presents the opportunity for a different, deeper and longer-lasting connection when done right.

Lasting relationships

As a multifaceted and highly creative business, we are deeply dependent on help from our networks in all kinds of shapes and sizes. With this in mind, we try to be as transparent, open and sharing as possible – both in terms of sharing knowledge and our network with everyone interested in what we do.

We don’t always know how and when we can help or need help from our network. In any case, we continuously try to build deep, lasting relationships. For us, this often starts with a physical meeting over a cup of coffee.

Some have a hard time meeting without a hard agenda, but in our experience, broad, open meetings are more fruitful in the long run. Getting to know and trust each other is an important part of forming the foundation for a relationship – and this is hard to do if the first meeting is a strategic sales pitch.

Of course, it still takes a lot of care and follow-ups to maintain deep relationships in the network. It’s give-and-take and paying it forward – especially when times are good and the company is busy. However, the value and sheer energy it brings to surround yourself with a network of skilled people are well worth the time and effort.

So. Wanna meet for a cup of coffee and talk about how we can help each other?

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