A new pillar of the development process: Sustainability

Sustainability is getting its own, dedicated track in our inventing methodology.

In its simplest form inventing is just 3 focus areas which go something like this: Analyze the need and the market. Design the product. Prepare it for production and get it to market.

For us, sustainability has always played a role throughout the process. However, the demand for sustainable solutions keeps increasing, which now allows us to add Suitability as its own, dedicated focus areas in the process alongside Market, Product and Manufacturing.

Working with DTU

Giving sustainability its own, dedicated area allows us to ingrate it even further and prioritize it just as highly as the three others.

This makes it more obvious to ourselves as well as clients and partners, what the sustainability impact of a new product or concept is. It allows us to measure impact KPIs and choose between concepts based on these KPIs.

However, measuring impact is far easier said than done. Luckily, we are working with Tim McAloone from the Technical University of Denmark who conducts research in methods and models for product development, including environmentally sound construction, product/service systems (PSS) and product innovation.

While sustainability has always been a part of how we invent, we are looking forward to implementing it even further into our methodologies.

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