Why not use the local cafe as a meeting room?

Feel the city, free up space at the office and support a local business. Using a local café as a meeting room seems like a perfect way to change things up a bit right now.

Right now most of us are in this weird limbo between excited and cautious. Excited because society is starting to open up again, but cautious because nobody knows if it’s just a fluke before the second virus-wave and re-quarantine.

We try to balance the situation as best we can, and one of the things we started doing – which we didn’t really do before the Corona-crisis – is using our local cafes in Sydhavnen as meeting rooms.

Earlier this week, a part of the team met with a partner at the cafe for a morning meeting. It turned out to be a great way to feel the vibrant city life again after a long wait in quarantine – while shifting up scenarios for a different kind of meeting than the usual ones in our offices.

Some times, all we need is a little reminder to change things up a bit. And by meeting in the local café we get to experience the great things about living in the city while both creating more space for the rest of the team back at the offices and supporting a local, small business – all while applying to the Corona-requirements. What’s not to like?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: The local café is ’South Harbour Cafe’ which is a really nice, authentic, Moroccan place in Sydhavnen who serves a delicious lunch.

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