Smart//Mover is going strong from its new home

Baron has expanded the success of the very first invention we worked on: Smart//Mover.

Last year we had to say goodbye to Smart//Mover – the very first invention we were involved in developing at Lolle & Nielsen. Not because it had outlived itself, but because it was becoming a well-established product who needed a new home.

Letting the first one go wasn’t easy. After developing and expanding the project for a decade alongside our great partners, it was strange to let someone else take over the project. But we were confident that its new owner – the Danish company ‘Baron’ – would be a great home.

You can read the announcement about Smart//Mover finding a new home here.

Smart//Mover was already an established product it Denmark, and Baron has managed to expand the success by keeping selling 300+ units a year – and the number is rising.

As inventors, it only makes us happy to see a product we started developed a decade ago is still being utilized in new ways thanks to new add-ons. Still helping at building sites. Still going strong.

You can read more about Smart//Mover at Baron’s website here:

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