Why did we develop Opløft – and what is the impact?

We needed a compact height-adjustable table ourselves, which ended up making a difference for users worldwide.

We launched our compact height-adjustable table as a project on Kickstarter back in 2016. While the Kickstarter experience and the journey from here to the market are stories in themselves, the desk has gained an international user base and impact.


Sit-stand desks are far from a new invention. Still, when we shared an office with some architects years ago, we encountered a very specific challenge regarding them: For aesthetic reasons, we were not allowed to use traditional sit-stand desks but needed to find an alternative to the existing desks.

When we couldn’t find a suitable solution on the market, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. In the process, we decided to find out if others needed the same solution—and our Kickstarter campaign proved that they did, as we raised 440,746 DKK for the project.

An early prototype of Opløft made of plywood


In Denmark, the market for sit-stand desks is pretty much saturated: More than 90% of employees already have the option to stand up and work at their workplace.

For this reason, Opløft never became a smash hit in Denmark. However, Opløft has found success in international markets – not least in the UK, which is the home market of our partners at Posturite.

While Opløft did well as soon as it was launched to the market, it gained even more momentum when corona hit, and many people suddenly needed a solution for their improvised home office.

Opløft alone has given thousands of users a better working environment in the office. And as pioneers of compact sit-stand desks, we’re also proud to see all the competition we’ve gained in the field over the years – especially during corona.

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