We found the perfect partner for the Upclimber system

Our new partner ‘Nordic Tech Tools’ is responsible for making Upclimber a success in the market – and they are now accepting preorder.

Mounting windows faster and more efficient while benefitting the working environment. That’s the promise behind our Upclimber-system.

It is currently being demonstrated and tested at a couple of building sites. We have done so before, but this time with a crucial difference: We are now accepting preorder.

After a thorough search, we’ve found the perfect partner to help us make the system successful on the market: Nordic Tech Tools. A young business who is just as ambitious about Upclimber as we are.

First batch on the way

Nordic Tech Tools has just been formed as a business committed to promoting and selling Upclimber. And they have proven the first glimpse of success: The first sales have already been made.

For now, the sales are still preorders, but the first batch of Upclimbers is on its way. If everything goes as planned, the first system will be up and running at a building site at the beginning of the new year.

We have sky-high expectations for this partnership and hope to partner with Nordic Tech Tools for production and distribution of coming inventions as well.

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