Meet our Partner: Posturite

Our UK-based partner Posturite has been instrumental in making Opløft a success – with thousands of units sold and fantastic user ratings.

We were on our own when we started bringing our sit-stand desk Opløft to life. Actually, it was the first time an idea born in our offices without any external involvement or cooperation had gotten so far in development.

Through a series of coincidences, we did however find a partner to take care of sales and logistics before it got to market. And our new partner even became our first foreign collaborator: UK-based Posturite – a company founded in the beginning of the ’90s and the leading ergonomics company specialised in employee health and wellbeing in the UK today.

And we couldn’t be happier about the outcome: Today they have sold several thousand Opløfts and proven to be a great new home for our invention.

The kind of partner you want

When we start working with a new partner, the horror scenario is a partner who just wants to make a quick buck from our product and don’t care too much about the users. This fear can be enforced with a small product in a huge corporation. Luckily, this was never the case with Posturite. Actually quite the opposite.

Posturite has been crucial to bringing Opløft to market, and they are still very committed to the product, as they keep raising the ambitions Opløft and its add-ons.

The many great reviews from customers alone show this to be true – just take a look of the last few one from the rating platform Feefo (who gives Opløft a 4,7/5 score):

In other words: Posturite is just the kind of partner we want. We have been doing our part; inventing the product. Now they are doing sales and logistics in the most professional way without us having to worry about any complications – so we can focus on new inventions.

Still going strong

The number of competitors offering compact, ergonomic workspace inspired by Opløft has risen drastically since we launched the product – some very inspired by our design.

But despite the increased competition, Opløft is still selling really well. And with the combination of nationwide lockdowns and an impressive sales effort, Posturite has managed to keep growing sales.

We hope this amazing partnership will keep expanding in the future, so we can give birth to new inventions which can fit into their portfolio.

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