The joy of a foreseeing landlord

Energy prices are skyrocketing but thanks to an innovative landlord at Trifolium we are not hit too hard.

An extensive energy crisis has made life more expensive for everyone. We also felt this, as our energy bill at the offices was recently raised. Luckily, the raise was quite modest thanks to our landlord’s foresight: Earlier this year solar panels were installed on all roof surfaces as well as the front of the building.

This means the Trifolium building is producing +180.000 kWh of electricity each year. While this covers a third of the building’s consumption, it also contributes with green power to the energy grid at a meaningful scale when the sun is shining and the building can’t use all the energy produced – somewhere around 50.000 kWh each year.

Additionally, a charging station for EVs has been established and a battery for the building itself is about to be installed as well. This way, half of the building’s consumption should be covered by solar panels before too long.

An innovative spark

The foresight of our landlord benefits us in a very direct way; our energy bill is lower than it would have been and we get to charge EVs at a reduced price. This shows the benefits of innovation in a very practical way – change pays off if you do it before you’re forced to do it.

However, foresight isn’t just rewarding in a monetary sense. As inventors, we’re proud to inhabit a place where the green transition is taken seriously, and it very much inspires us in our own sustainable endeavours.

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