Our new, neighbouring recycling station makes it easy to both discard and get new materials

A little touch of ingenuity has made the recycling station next door a perfect place to reuse instead of recycling materials.

Recently, a brand-new recycling station opened next door to our offices in Sydhavnen. This makes it easy for us to get rid of old mockups and prototypes. However, the station also makes it easy to get new materials for the next mockup thanks to a genius new concept:

As a neat little innovation, the station asses whatever is about to get dumped. If they find the about-to-be-discarded materials useful for someone else, they put them on a store shelf instead of just dumping them for recycling.

This goes for both furniture and raw materials like planks and bricks – and everything is priced very reasonably.

Driving awareness

This kind of direct recycling seems like an obvious idea, which makes it even more awesome to see it brought to life and actually working. Thanks to our new neighbour, the routine visit to the recycling station now often bring in new inspiration.

It makes it much easier to get the reused materials we need instead of buying new ones. Which is both great for sustainability and very convenient for us.

Direct recycling is a likeable and practical project in every thinkable way. Hopefully, it helps drive awareness to just how much of our garbage can actually be directly reused instead of thrown out.

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