Product launch: Meet JeeBee, our motorized multi-trailer for building sites

Our new all-terrain, motorized multi-trailer has unmatched adaptability making it meet any transport needs on building sites.

Today, we are happy to announce a new product for the building industry: JeeBee. A motorized, all-terrain multi-trailer.

Thanks to an abundance of add-ons, it’s ready to help across several professions: The carpenter who needs to move boards and windows; the plumber who needs to move pipes; the maison who needs to move brick beams; or the painter who needs to move his buckets and ladder.

Thanks to JeeBee’s wide range of applications, our expectations for our newest inventions are great.

Collab with Kooperationen

Multi-trailers have been an integral part of building sites for decades. A motorized all-terrain version seems like an obvious next step, however, for some reason, it didn’t exist before we started developing it in association with our partners at Kooperationen.

The development started as a research project two years ago, and with the finalized product ready for sale now, we are looking forward to seeing its impact across professions at the building site.

“Udviklingsforeningen under Kooperationen” has funded the development of JeeBee while Nordic Tech Tools has obtained the rights to commercialise it.

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