Out of office: An excursion for waste-inspiration

We are currently on our annual excursion out of the office for the whole team – for the sake of inspiration and hanging out.

Once a year, we take time out of everyone’s busy calendars to spend time together away from the office. Primarily to hang out, bond and have a good time together. But also with the secondary agenda of getting inspired and learning something new.

Last year, we spend two days touring Jutland where we visited a few of our subcontractors in person. This year was slightly different: The scope was a theme-based ideation day anchored in sustainability.

Visiting a pioneer

Recently, we have done three projects linked to sorting food waste. Now, we would like to broaden this focus to more parts of the chain in waste management.

For that reason, we kicked off the excursion by vising Marius Pedersen – a Danish pioneer in waste management.

The purpose is an ideation process focused on very early-stage front-end work to get inspired and create projects in this arena – while having a fun day together.


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