How to keep student employees engaged

Student-employees has been an integral part of Lolle & Nielsen Inventions since the company was founded.

We’ve hired students since Lolle & Nielsen Inventions was founded, and even as the company is morphing into new shapes we don’t intend changing that.

Adding the hungry students both brings new energy and fresh inputs from the university to our team. And in addition, it’s a really good way to scale the team.

An integral part of the team

We have some amazing students in our team right now, and we’ve been fortunate enough to have a history of hiring skilled students who’ve decided to stay with us for long periods.

When trying to attract students, it can sometimes be hard to compete with large, well-known engineering brands. But it seems like the best way to compete with the big names is actually involving students in interesting projects and allowing them to make a lasting impression. At least, that our philosophy.

Since the beginning, we’ve taken pride in making student-employees an integral part of our team – with the many different kinds of tasks following. They don’t just solve ”student tasks”, but become a part of our project-teams and get to solve tasks alongside our fulltime team members.

It’s a balancing act

By integrating the students in the actual projects, we’ve managed to keep a lot of them with us for long periods of time. But of course, they are also with us to learn.

To keep manage that balancing act we simply don’t allow ourselves to hire too many students at once – tempting as it might be. This means, ideally students should never account for more than one-third of our team.

Actually, our recipe for attracting and keeping skilled students with our team is rather simple. What’s yours?

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