How to compete with the big ones by being an attractive place to work

We’ve managed to compete with big competitors when it comes to attracting talent, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without our incredible team.

Lolle & Nielsen is old enough, that we sometimes catch ourselves looking back wondering how we got to where we are today.

Two of the team members – Anders and Mathies – has been with us for 7 years, and they have both been a big part of creating the company profile and the variety of skills we offer today.

So when we look back, we have to celebrate the whole team. They have had a huge influence on big and small at Lolle & Nielsen.

See the cycle through

Seven years in a long time in the Lolle & Nielsen-story. But we still do our best to keep the job interesting and challenging.

We take pride in offering our team influence on the project they are working on. And with influence, simple ways of communication and a wide variety of tasks, they get to follow their projects from idea and demand to a finished product on the market marking a difference for some happy customers.

Don’t we all wanna invent?

It’s been a longe time since we had to post a public job ad for a vacant position. Maybe because the ’inventor’-title means something special we shouldn’t underestimate.

In contrast to a normal engineering job, the title inventor gives us the freedom to define what we actually do. It’s not just calculating and drawing – but working 360 degrees around a product to make it a reality.

And the chance to contribute completely new things to the world by offering this freedom, we hope to keep our talented team for many tears to come.

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