Did You Vuja De After Your Vacation?

The beauty of the Vuja De concept is, that it works for you even when have some well-deserved downtime. After just a few weeks back we can already say: It has worked wonders for us!

We’ve previously mentioned Déjà Vu’s contrarian little brother: the Vuja De-concept. Even though you know everything about your project and have seen it a million times, you get to experience it again in a fresh way after taking some time away from it.

We thought this time after the holiday would be the perfect time to remind you about the concept. Maybe some of the things you’re working on has already benefited from being seen in a new light after some time away?

A Secret Vuja De

For us, the Vuja De has already worked wonders after getting back to the office. All of a sudden, a few different pieces (which didn’t seem connected in the spring) just clicked. Nothing has changed – except from our perspective.

We can’t disclose much more about the project right now, but hopefully, the few bits we’ve told about its journey can encourage you to embrace your own vacation brain. In some aspects, it can be frustrating that everything you know about your job isn’t loading as fast as you would want it to after some time away. But in other aspects, this is a gift that allows you to get a fresh perspective.

Just a friendly reminder: Vuja De can be incredibly hard to force into the project flow even when you try. So take advantage whenever you get a natural break which allows you to enter the state effortlessly.

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