The Ultimate Meta-Post: Why Do We Run This Blog?

If you’ve considered blogging about your own project or company, this post will give you a few reasons to get started right away.

At this point, we’re 150 posts into this blog. Covering everything from product news and updates to shoot-outs for our partner. From inventor methodology to culture at the workspace.

This means, it must be time for the ultimate meta-post: Why do we even have a blog?

In the beginning, we spend some time convincing ourselves, that publishing our thoughts on a blog was a good idea. But after doing it consistently for a few years, we’ve found more than one reason why it was a good idea.

Telling who we are

The first reason should be obvious: To tell about ourselves and our company in a more comprehensive way.

It’s nice to have our own outlet to tell current as well as potential partners about new project and products we’re working on. We believe our long experience and story as inventors help create a backbone of trust. But only if we give people a chance to know about it. And the blog does just that.

But from the get-go we wanted it to be more than just a product blog. We wanted to share more about who we are as a company, and give the reader – that’s you – kind of backstage access to our inventing company.

This transparent approach gives interested partners additional insights into our company in a way, that they won’t get from the sparse amount of words we can fit onto our front page.

A reflection-break

Another gain from not just talking about our products – but also methodology, strategy and culture – is the reflection those blog posts bring about our own processes.

Like every company, we have an unspoken understanding of who we are and how the company operates. But how do we put that into words on a blog – and do we actually agree when we try to do so?

Constantly communicating like this forces us to think about our communication as well as actual strategies on a continuous basis. It forces us to stop and reflect. Why do we actually invent the products we do? How do we use our methods and why? And do they actually work as intended, when we really think about it?

Communication leads to deeper understanding

Of course, we also hope our posts can be of inspiration to others. We feel a shared obligation to share our best practices and insights – at least we appreciate it when others do so.

By putting this effort into a blog, we’re reminded weekly to communicate what we do. And if we can’t communicate it through a blog, there’s a real risk we might not understand the current project or methodology deeply enough.

For all those reasons: We don’t plan on stopping writing this blog any time soon!

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