The power of 3D-rendering: Bring early ideas to life in a new way

Inventing new products and solutions is all about concept and vision. That can be hard to communicate before the invention is actually on the market – but with 3D rendering, we’ve found a new tool to do so.

When you’re deep in the development of a new product, it can be hard to grasp why others don’t see the same genius innovation that you do.

Of course, it all comes down to communication: You can’t really expect potential customers, partners or peers to spend weeks researching and understanding a new concept the same way the inventor does.

Over the years, we have used a wide range of tools to convey the brilliance of a new idea in a simple and efficient manner. But with animated 3D rendering we’ve recently discovered a new, powerful way.

A versatile tool

Sometimes, we’re trying to explain a product that is so far in development, that we actually have working prototypes that’s polished enough for photos and videos. That is, however, far from always the case. And when the rough prototype doesn’t bring the final vision justice, we have to get creative.

No matter the stage of development, we want to show potential partners and future customers a representation of the products that is so good, that it would convince the end-user to actually buy them.

We’ve found it to be both effective and quite easy to turn CAD files (which we have already designed during development) into animated 3D renderings of the product using ‘KeyShot’ and standard video editing software. This way, we can show high-quality versions of the product in different scenarios (furniture being unfolded, machines running a sequence etc.) before they have even been manufactured.

You can read more about how 3D-rendering can add emotional depth to products in the post here

The methodology has its limitation – especially if the products need human interaction to be fully comprehended.

However, we’ve just brought new life to a series of inventions that has been on ‘standby’ for a while, and the reactions to our new 3D rendering has certainly been overwhelming. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tell more about that journey later.

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