The best ideas are born on the move

Creativity and innovation are rarely spawned in front of an empty word document. Plan for variation during the day and get the innovative muscles working.

This post starts off rather meta; on a day where we were brainstorming topics for this blog, and the well of inspiration seemed to have dried out.

It wasn’t until I was riding my bike home after work – rather frustrated with the slow winds during the brainstorm – ideas started flowing. Which meant a full page of fresh ideas the next day at the office.

We’ve all experienced this. Some problem has been haunting us the whole day, and then when we do the dishes or take a shower later, it all falls into place. Maybe we just need to embrace it a bit more.

Planning for variation

It might almost seem like a kliché to suggest that doing something else than sitting in front of a screen is needed to spark creativity. But basic knowledge is often called so for a good reason: It works.

So why keep agreeing that you’re only working, when you sitting in front of your computer? Instead, figure out what sparks your creativity and start implementing it into your routines.

Get some variation into your workday. Change your position, force yourself to stand up or even take a walk during the day. This way you might unlock those hidden corners in your brain – while getting some exercise at the same time. Two bird with one stone!

It obviously takes some planning. But instead of just solving task A then B then C – plan to shuffle it up a bit. That way you can get new impressions without being stressed out.


…And it is a lot easier if you have amazing surroundings like we do in Sydhavnen.

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