Rental giant GSV helps the building industry by supporting students

The students we teach at the Technical University of Denmark needs products to redesign as part of their education. Luckily, GSV has proven to be an amazing partner in this endeavour.

We recently restarted teaching at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and one of the tasks is getting companies involved, who will let the students redesign one of their products. Which is easier said than done.

It’s always a hustle to establish the contact and get companies to engage in the projects. For that reason, we thought about how amazing it would be to involve a big company instead of several smaller ones. A company that could provide sufficient projects in various areas that would be interesting enough for the students to work with.

Luckily, the visit to our neighbours at GSV, who rents out equipment to the building industry, provided just that.

Taking responsibility

Our great neighborship alone wasn’t enough to convince GSV, but why would they then want to take part in redesigning some of the equipment? After all, they are renting out the equipment, not developing it.

GSV wanted to involve themselves in helping the students with a long-term goal of taking on responsibility for the building industry by developing better products.

In this first project, they’ve provided the students with four products to take a closer look at for redesigning: A motorized wheelbarrow, an equipment hoist, a bricklaying machine and a motorized plate trolley. Products the students are free to disassemble and analyze before providing their redesigns.

Turning into actual products

Whether the redesigns from the students will eventually become actual products that benefit the industry I obviously hard to say. But at least, the projects have a chance of exploring whether the products need a redesign or not.

The initial redesigns might not be the right fit for the market. But we are ready to get inspired by what they come up with. And instead of the projects ending up on a dusty shelf, we want to do what we can, to turn them into products in the real work alongside the students.

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