Inventions inbound: The overnight success that took us 10 years

Inventions inbound: The overnight success that took us 10 years


Today, the industry is actively seeking us out to lead the development of their new products.

Recently, we got one of those calls you dream of receiving, when you’re an inventor.

On the other end was the Head of Development from a well-renowned company. He told us, how he had brought together a development consortium – which he wanted us to lead.

This is the dream scenario, as it beams us in right when the fun part begins, the part we excel at; inventing. And, truth be told, this was what we hoped would happen when we established Lolle & Nielsen Inventions a decade ago.

From outbound to inbound

With our very first invention, it already became very clear: bringing a product to market is both a comprehensive and cumbersome task that involves much more than just inventing.

Over the years, we’ve spent tremendous amounts of time assessing market needs, fundraising, seeking out partners and so on. All while simultaneously coming up with new concepts and products as core inventors.

For that reason, it marked a huge shift in our business when people we respect started reaching out to us for our development expertise instead of us reaching out for funding, production, distribution or whatnot.

It has taken us years to establish this kind of position in the market, where stakeholders know and trust us and our skills. And because it’s all happened so gradually it really feels like one of those overnight successes that have been 10 years in the making.

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