Flip-benches on a new CBS location

The signature-bench we designed for CBS is now installed at their Dalgas Have Campus – and redesigned for the building’s architecture.

We designed the unique Flip-bench, which doubles as a table, as the signature-furniture at Copenhagen Business School.

It has gradually been implemented since its launch, giving the students an informal space for studying or short breaks in a space-efficient way.

For the first time, Flip has now been installed at their Dalgas Have Campus – an architectonically interesting location designed by architect Henning Larsen.

This also meant that we had to do some changes to Flip. To make it fit the architecture of the location the bench has now been produced in stainless steel with white seats.

While this might look like a simple transfer, it required some rather heavy engineering reflections – which makes us even happier to announce this successful installation.

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