Company Jam: We Started our own Band at the Office

Keyboard, ukulele, acoustic bass and guitar and some drums: Lolle & Nielsen got its own house orchestra.

The annual Christmas dinner – Julefrokost as it is called in Danish – is a proud tradition for most companies including Lolle & Nielsen Inventions.

Every year this is a cosy, informal way of meeting each other, and every year the traditional dishes followed by a few beers and some “snaps” generates amazing new ideas.

This year was no exception. We got to talk about how we all play various instruments as a hobby – and how fun it would be to book a meeting room and play together as a company-band.

When Steffen, one of the cofounders, got home from the “Julefrokost” late at night he executed on the idea and ordered a keyboard, a ukulele, acoustic bass and guitar and some drums to be delivered by the office the following week.

Communal Croi-singeng

Another tradition at our office is ”CroiSONG”, which is a morning meeting every Friday including croissants and communal singing.

So far, it’s only been accompanied by ukulele, but after this years amazing Julefrokost we now play some bass and guitar along with the singing as well – the first step toward an actual house orchestra.

While there is sure a lot of formal teamworking benefits by gathering as a “Lolle & Nielsen Band”, it’s mainly just for the fun of playing together. And as the musical cooperation is a nice addition to talks about engineering and inventions, there’s only one issue left to solve: The questions our accountant will undoubtedly ask about this not-so-usual impulsive purchase.

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