Ambitlocker just got an emotional upgrade

We’ve found a new way to more efficiently communicate the sleekness and tactility of our IoT-enabled padlock ‘Ambitlocker’ – which makes it easier for potential customers to fall in love with the product.

Ambitlocker, our IoT-enabled locker system, launched with the first customer earlier this year. While the system has steadily been expanding, one of the hurdles has been to explain to potential customers why the idea of IoT padlocks is so brilliant.

For some, it just sounds too simple to be anything special: A locker system made easy and efficient to administrate from a centralized location through the locks IoT capabilities. “if it’s so easy and efficient, why haven’t anyone done it before?”.

To overcome this hurdle, we had a cup of coffee with a marketing guru from our network, and he suggested a different approach to convince potential customers to talk further: Instead of pinpointing the features and amazing engineering of the solution, we should make it possible to bond with the product in a visually appetizing and more emotional way.

Simple method if you’re already 3D-designing

We’ve been using video to show our products and solutions for years, but after the advice, we wanted to try something new: Animation in the form of a digital rendering of the lock.

At first, we dreaded this would be a complicated and time-consuming task. But it actually turned out to be quite straightforward: We already had all the CAD material for the 3D-renderings, and using the program ‘KeyShot’ alongside some traditional video editing software, we quickly managed to create a series of 3D-renderings with the sleek vibe we were aiming for.

New possibilities

The 3D-rendering of Ambitlocker is short and simple, and that’s the whole point: To show off the tactility, sleekness of the design and brilliant features in a simple way without spelling it all out for the viewer.

We’ve previously used animated “explainer” videos to communicate our product, but that serves a completely different purpose; a more thorough walkthrough of all the benefits once the potential customers are already interested or is outright looking for a solution to their problem. At the same time, animated explainers are expensive and really time-consuming to produce if we want them to be done right (and we do).

This makes 3D-rendered animation a great, new tool in the communications toolbox. It’s easy for us to produce and it’s able to capture the feeling of the product in a unique way.

Even though it’s something new for us we can already say, that it’s made the job for the sales department in Ambitlocker easier!

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