Why we are not artists (and why that is a relief)

Is product design and inventing an art form? Not in our opinion, and we honestly like it that way.

Over the years, we’ve designed a series of engineering-heavy products with a lot of features aimed at the building industry. People have rarely seen this as artistry. But as we’ve started developing and designing ergonomic furniture we’ve been perceived as artists more than once.

We do however not see what we do as art. But why is that, you might ask?

With furniture, there’s obviously some craftmanship and aesthetics involved. But that is the only thing it might have in common with true art. We don’t try to send a message with our designs and products. We simply try to solve a problem.

Blank canvas

When we start out inventing a new product, we set out to solve a problem. We don’t know what the solution is going to look like, and in that regards, we start out with a blank canvas. But we do however know the problem; the size and shape of the canvas is defined beforehand.

It’s impossible to define or even guess what the end-product might look like before it’s done. There isn’t one right answer. The route, as well as the destination, can be found in a million different ways, but nevertheless, we always know when we’ve solved the problem in a great way.

That is why we find inventing very different from art. By following our processes we end up with a solution that solves the problem in a smart and elegant way – and that is enough of an explanation for the product to exist.

The world needs art

Just to make it clear: One isn’t better than the other. The world needs both problem-solving inventions as well as thought-provoking art.

We get inspired by great art in many ways. We just appreciate the fact, that an invention that solves a problem doesn’t need to send a message or any explanation to be appreciated.

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