Product launch: A super simple tool making waste sorting easier

We’ve invented and developed a tool to promote sorting bio-waste. A simple holder developed alongside the Municipality of Copenhagen which is now being rolled out to all households in Copenhagen.

We are finally able to share our newest product with you: A simple plastic holder which makes it easy to retrofit a bucket for bio-waste alongside your plastic bag for normal waste.

The Municipality of Copenhagen presented the initial idea: They wanted a way to place a container for bio-waste beside regular waste. Not just to fully optimize the cabin space in the apartments of the dense Copenhagen-area, but to promote citizens to sort their waste more efficiently.

We have invented and developed the concept and product on behalf of the Municipality of Copenhagen. And hopefully, this will nudge toward more efficient sorting of bio-waste when it’s soon rolled out all over the municipality.

Big launch with a wide rollout

February 1st was the big launch date – with its own website (find it here) followed by bus commercials and a wide rollout.

The super-simple design makes it possible to produce the tool in bulk at a very low price. This means the Municipality of Copenhagen is able to give them away for free to all households.

For us, it’s a first to invent such a simple product aimed at mainstream consumers. And we can’t wait to see how it will be received and how big of an impact it will end up having.

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