Contractors are always impressively cooperative

We’ve been developing tools and concepts for the construction industry for more than a decade. Yet, it never stops to amaze us just how helpful contractors are.

Bringing new product successfully to market greatly depends on the feedback we get from the future-users along the way. And at a recent trip, where we visited a handful of contractors around Jutland, we were reminded just how cooperative contractors are in this endeavour.

Whenever we decide to develop something for the construction industry, we reach out to contractors to ask for feedback and their default answer is “yes”. As in 9 out of 10 times.

It feels like they basically just want to contribute to making their industry more efficient and improving the working environment. A mindset about generally helping new initiatives succeed, which is obviously priceless for our work.

Busy – but not too busy to help

Generally, contractors are really interested in the new gear we want to show them – as well as taking part in developing them further. But at the same time, they are always incredibly busy. Still, they choose to set aside time for us even though they don’t immediately get something out of doing it.

In most cases, we get to visit them at the building site for a few hours, show off our product in the current state and ask them a horde of questions – and their feedback is always great. Not in the sense, that they love everything we do; they can be blunt and borderline rude to our darlings sometimes. But always in a constructive manner. They know their work inside out, and they are used to solving the problems and challenges in front of them, which makes the feedback really practical.

Without the voluntary involvement from contractors, our line of products wouldn’t be where it is today. But hopefully, the time they’ve spent helping us improve the products and concepts has also helped their industry in the long run.

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